The 2.0 of Bottled H2O is here: The Kadeya Launch Party!

May 1, 2024

Kadeya is the world’s first closed loop beverage vending system. Like a vending machine it dispenses water & flavored + branded drinks of all kinds. Unlike a vending machine it dispenses your drink in a reusable stainless steel bottle. When you’re done with your drink you return the bottle to the station where it gets autonomously cleaned, sanitized, and refilled again & again & again. 

After 4 years of work, it’s finally here. The world’s FIRST closed loop, fully autonomous beverage system!

​4 years ago, Manuela wondered if we could create Citi Bikes for bottles. What would it be like if we could just return a bottle and grab a new one?

​Today, we get to find out.

​Come celebrate with us as we unveil our first fully autonomous station.

​We’ll have appetizers, drinks, entertainment to celebrate this huge milestone. You’ll get to hear from Manuela and be the first people to grab a bottle from the world-changing station.

For information about the launch party and to RSVP, please email Bridget at Kadeya.