Chicago Water Week

Chicago Water Week

Chicago river running through the city

Join us May 5-11 for a variety of water-focused events. Events are independently organized and hosted by our partner organizations. Most events are free and include a range of indoor, outdoor, virtual, and in-person activities. The focus of Chicago Water Week is:

Highlighting the critical role of water in our environment, communities, and economy.

Engaging regional leaders, policymakers, innovators, researchers, advocates, and industry veterans.

Connecting on business, social, technical, policy interests, and more.

Kalindi Parikh of Current speaking at Chicago Water Week event held at 1871.

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time. Please check back later for more updates.

participant faqs

What type of event can I host?

Partners have autonomy to determine the format and duration of their events. Previous events have included panel discussions, policy debates, trivia nights, film screenings, wetland tours, research presentations, and sessions on innovative products. Some partners even curated mini symposiums comprising multiple events. Events can be led by one or multiple partners by their mutual agreement.

Check out our YouTube page for highlights from Chicago Water Week 2020 & Chicago Water Week 2021. Then, head over to our Flickr gallery for a recap of Current’s 2022 signature event — FLOW.

Where can I host an event?

Totally your call! Events can be hosted at your organization’s preferred location in or around Chicago. Current does not provide venues for events, but our team is happy to help make recommendations. Events may also be conducted online using your preferred platform (e.g. Zoom, Teams, Google Meet).

What time can I host an event?

Events typically run between 8 am and 7 pm CT, although some activities might extend beyond these hours, such as evening dinner events. It’s really whatever you think makes sense for your event.

How are events staffed?

Each event is independently developed, organized, facilitated … and staffed by participating organizations. As a partner, you will be fully responsible for planning and running your event. Current will coordinate and manage the Chicago Water Week calendar and collaborate to best handle participant registrations based on the nature of the event.

Who is the target audience?

Event organizers are free to target any audience they wish. Chicago Water Week is intended to appeal and mobilize as many people as possible to keep water front of mind. Current will actively promote all Water Week events across our digital platforms, social channels, and newsletters in an effort to inform and activate our diverse, robust audience of water enthusiasts.

Does it cost anything to host an event during Chicago Water Week?

No! There is no fee for hosting an event for Chicago Water Week. Any costs would pertain solely to your event’s activities, speakers, staff time, and other logistics.

Why host an event during Chicago Water Week?

By collaborating as a partner in Chicago Water Week, you will be contributing to a larger movement aimed at addressing pressing water challenges and fostering a robust water innovation ecosystem. Partnering in this initiative not only amplifies visibility and engagement but also enables access to a network of diverse perspectives.

What does it take to participate as a host?

To get started, complete an event interest form. Our team will reach out to setup a planning call. Next, we’ll need to know basics – event details (e.g. title, description, agenda, speaker information) and logistics (e.g. event format, address, online meeting link, etc.). We’ll need your organization’s logo and an image for the event (2160px wide x 1080px high).

How do I sign up to attend an event?

Scroll up to check out the Master Event Calendar. Or, you can visit the Chicago Water Week Eventbrite registration page.

Does it cost anything to attend an event?

The vast majority of Chicago Water Week events are free. Some unique events and engagements may require a fee. Please refer to each partner’s event registration page for further details.