Our Story

Our Story

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We’ve helped raise more than $28M dollars to support water innovation and inclusive economic development; launched x technology pilots; supported the commercialization of technology at x water companies; and educated more than 30,000 people through our events and convenings. 

Chicago is our sweet, freshwater home, but our partnerships stretch across Illinois, the Great Lakes region, and the world.

— Rahm Emanuel, former mayor of Chicago 

Kalindi Parikh of Current speaking at Chicago Water Week event held at 1871.

Why Water? We will feel climate change most acutely when our water dries up. And if things don’t change quickly, it will. 

Companies on the forefront of preventing water crises will win. Our job is to ensure that the Great Lakes region becomes a global leader in protecting our scarce water resources from both pollution and misuse.

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Venkat Atluri
Richard Assmus
MarySue Barrett
Michael Fassnacht
Dr. Joanna Groden
Randy Connor
Paul K. Kearns
Dr. Steven Kloos
Andy Martin
Dr. Susan Martinis
Dr. Nadya Mason
Brian Perkovich
Dr. Eric Perreault
Andy Richardson
Thru Shivakumar
Dr. Jay Walsh
Dr. Steven Kloos
John Robinson
Dr. Lindsay Birt
Mark Bertler
Michael Reardon
Dr. Terry Mah
Dr. May Wu
Todd Fein
Chris Sosnowski
Dr. Dev Gavaskar
Dr. Rafael Simon
Pierre Côté, Ph.D.
Dr. Kam Law

Current is looking for Communications Manager to lead Current’s communications, marketing, and external engagement efforts. The primary goal for this role is to help us build our brand and audience with a growing network of partners and collaborators, especially given the exciting growth opportunity ahead of us with our NSF Regional Innovation Engine, Great Lakes ReNEW.

The complete job description is available at this link.

Interested applicants can upload a resume and cover letter and apply for the position at this link.

Current is looking for Community Sampling Coordinators to join our team on a part-time basis through July 31, 2024. As a Sampling Team, Coordinators will conduct water sampling and testing activities, including driving to sampling sites, and ensuring all quality controls and assurance procedures are followed.

The complete job description is available at this link.

Interested applicants can upload a resume and apply for the position at this link.