Jardine Water Purification Tour

May 7, 2024

Join a small group tour of the Jardine Water Purification Plant and see the scale of operation to draw raw water from two of the city’s water cribs far offshore in Lake Michigan and supply two thirds of City of Chicago provided water to consumers in the northern, downtown, and western parts of the city and to many northern and western surrounding suburbs.

Please note the following in order to join the tour.

  1. Arrive punctually at the designated meeting point.
  2. Bring a valid photo identification for security purposes.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for a plant tour (closed-toe and flat shoes, etc.)
  4. Follow all safety instructions provided by the tour leader and staff.
  5. Refrain from touching any equipment or machinery.
  6. Respect the plant’s rules and regulations throughout the duration of the tour.
  7. Notify organizers of any special accommodations or changes in advance.
  8. Ensure to not take any pictures or record videos during the tour.

For questions or notifications for this specific event, please email Elisa.Rosario@cityofchicago.org.