Current Welcomes A New Member: Island Water Technologies

Current’s newest member is Island Water Technologies, a Canadian catalyst for water technology innovation that works to identify and validate next-generation solutions at the intersection of renewable energy and wastewater treatment. Headquartered on Prince Edward Island, the Island Water team is developing unique processes to take complex technologies from bench to market by incorporating key aspects of business development, IP landscaping, economic / technology modelling and bench-to-pilot prototyping.

One of Island Water’s featured technologies is the SENTRY platform. This platform is installed in wastewater systems through aerobic and anaerobic treatment systems. Some of the key functions include:

  • Influent load / fluctuation monitoring
  • Toxic shock monitoring and identification
  • Nutrient bioreactor monitoring
  • Monitoring of anaerobic digestion performance
  • Real-time BOD or TOC correlations / monitoring
  • Effluent compliance monitoring

The base technology includes all sensor hardware and a customized online dashboard – sensors are typically installed in 2 – 3 hours on-site. Their ideal end users are municipalities or industries dealing with some unknown toxic / imbalance event, or those looking to optimize their biological process in some way (i.e. aeration or nutrient removal).

Island Water currently offers free introductory technical webinars and a three-month trial of the technology, so potential clients can evaluate how the real-time data can provide them with value. If you would like to learn more, please contact George Brigandi.